Thursday, September 17, 2009

Digital Gems

In the modern world the internet is all. It can entertain you, educate you, sell you things, save you a trip to the bank, give you directions, and even replace your journal i.e. Blogging/what I am doing right now. So due to just how vast the internet is, and I am required to for my class, I went and found a few special digital gems.

First off, because this one is required, is my LSC100 class blog.

Second is very interesting blog authored by a man called Harrison Krix. He is a 27 year old graphic designer that lives in Atlanta, and he makes props. I really can't describe it much more, you really just have to see it.

Finally is the reddit blog. For those of you who don't know what Reddit it is here is a quick summary. Reddit is a website that users can post links on, and depending on what other people think of it they can vote it up or down. If they vote it up it goes up and moves slowly towards the number one spot. Any ways this blog just highlights the best of the best from the website.

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