Friday, October 9, 2009

My Meal

So when looking at this new blog post and what I had to do, I became a little concerned. Having to prepare a meal for my self, and, or others, is a slightly daunting task to preform when you live in the dorms. Plus I had to think of a way to do so in about a day. What I did was give my brother a call and headed over to his place to get my chef on.
Me being as broke as I am did not really have a lot of extra money to spare, so my brother bought some steaks on his way home from work. Nothing really high end just your basic steak. It was not in any means a low-fat processed food.
I agree 100% with pollen that low-fat processed foods are not a healthy source of nutrition.
To some people this may sound like it is just a terrible idea, but it is not. Fat is good for you, in controlled amounts, there is a series of health benifits to having some fat in your diets: our brain is 70% fat, we need it to metabolism vitamins, and it can actually help us loose weight by helping us control are urges. If a person was to cut out most, or all fats from their diets they would suffer a series of unhealthy side effects. To name a few, hair loss, poor immune system, and they would loose a number of platelets(used for clotting). You can find the information at
Now back to how I prepared my dinner. I put olive oil on a frying pan and heated it up. I then threw on my steak added my spices and started to cook it, and you know what? When I took that first bite it tasted amazing, it was the best food I have eaten in a month. I have no shame in eating that steak fried in olive oil and covered in garlic salt, because I know that I still am a very healthy individual. Like I said earlier it is allright to eat food like that once in a wile. Just as long as it doesn't become an everyday thing.

Real Food Vs Fake Food

When I was a little kid my family and I use to have vegetable garden. It was a really neat experience to have. However, as time went on my brothers started to get older and head off to college. This meant that we had less time and people to manage the garden. We kept it going after the first two left, but by the time my third brother left the vegetable garden was no more. When I when I think back to it now I really miss it, for two reasons. One, it was something that my whole family got involved in. It was a great family bonding experience to be working out in the garden with my dad and brothers. The other reason is I really miss the fresh vegetables.

Just because the garden was no more did not mean are need to consume vegetables was. We started to get the majority of our vegetables via frozen in bags, or stored in cans. I greatly preferred the frozen vegetables to the canned, but I still preferred fresh vegetables frozen any time. Also just to clear this up, this did not mean we completely stopped eating fresh vegetables. We would still buy fresh produce from the store, and go to farmers market on the occasional weekend. I mean there is just something about eating fresh produce over processed that is better.

The frozen food and canned food just never tasted or felt(texture) right. The frozen food never fully realized the flavor that it was meant to have. The canned vegetables were soggy and all ways salty. So I thought if they don't taste or even fully seem like the original unprocessed food, are they as nutritious? So I looked up to see if they were and what I found really kind of shocked me.

I was excepting to find studies bashing frozen foods and saying how on nutritionally sound they were; however, that was not the case. What I did find was a study showing that only a minuscule amount of vitamin c was lost in the act of processing, other then that they maintained their nutritional value. You can find the study at the following link

This how ever does not change my view on preferring fresh to frozen. I fully intend on having a garden of my own someday.