Friday, November 6, 2009

Acia Berry (Blog 4)

Acia extract pills claims to be miracle pills made from the super food called acia berries. These pills have been claimed to help you have drastic weight lose, burn fat while you sleep, rid your body of toxins, dramatic increase to energy, regulate your metabolism, help with your cardio vascular health, and some even claim they well help you build muscle. All of these claims sound too good to come from something natural.

A journalist named Julia Rivers wanted to see if all of these claims worked. She performed a four week study on herself because of her lack of belief for this product and what she found out amazed her.
She went with Acia Pure for her study because it was the highest rated acia extract pill. She also took another product called Natural Colon Detox, because it was recommended for best results. She started out not believed any of it but four weeks later she had lost 23 lbs she changed her mind.

Another review of this product from found similar results. This person lost twelve pounds in his thirty day trial. All the while having increased energy and felt all around better. I have continued to research this topic on the web and have yet to find a credible source refuting what Acia pills do.

I can say from personal experience that these pills really do work. I started taking these pills two months ago and within the first 3 weeks I had dramatic weight lost 13lbs. I kept taking them until my supply ran out about three weeks ago. Once I was off of them I noticed that I had less energy and hit a wall in my weight loss. I started taking them again last week Saturday and have since then lost another 4 lbs and have increased energy again. I am a wrestler and have always been watching and managing my weight. These pills, along with exercise and diet, have had a dramatic effect in my weight loss, I have taken them for two months and have lost 26 lbs. Also I have felt a drastic increase in my cardio vascular health. It is a lot easier for me to breathe now when running and training. I would highly recommend these pills to anyone.

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