Friday, December 4, 2009

Blog Post 7: I'm a Night Elf MoHawk Fool!

My favorite endorsement involving a celebratory has Mr. T endorsing a video game called World of Warcraft. There are two commercials but they both incorporate each other. The first commercial has Mr. T doing his stereotypical tough guy routine and talking about how great World of Warcraft is. Mr. T talks about the character he plays as in World of Warcraft. Mr. T keeps saying he plays as a Night Elf Mohawk, and no such thing exists in the game, and when someone corrects them he goes all tough guy on that person so they shut up.

The second commercial starts out with Mr. T talking about how people claimed there is no Night Elf Mohawks and if so how do you explain this footage. It then goes on to show clips of the new Night Elf Mohawk that had been added to World of Warcraft.

Having Mr. T for the endorsement was an excellent idea of Blizzard, the company that made World of Warcraft. This is because it really helps get rid of the stereotype of people who play World of Warcraft, which is that they are small nerdy teens.This commercial appeals a lot to guys who are like me. I like video games and ever since the movie “Rocky 3” Mr. T has been mine idol when it comes to being a tough guy. I have never played World of Warcraft because I have always looked at it as the “nerds” game. I know this commercial was very effective and will have the desired outcome. I know first actually, because it worked on me and two my friends.We downloaded a free trial last week so that we too could be Night Elf Mohawks just like the tough-as-nails man-mountain that is Mr. T.

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