Friday, November 6, 2009

My Self Evaualtion

I think that I my introduction was very well. I introduced who myself, my assistant, what I was going to do, and gave some background information to my topic. I followed the organization steps starting with my introduction, and then doing my demonstration, then concluding. My information was as informative as it could have been with wrestling. My conclusion I think is what I struggled with. I started to stutter and I became really nervous. My visual aid was my assistant Josh. It was very relevant and effective to my overall speech because I needed someone to show the move on.

I was very enthusiastic about my speech and had good volume. There were only a few instances where I broke eye contact. I thought my body language could have been improved. I looked slightly nervous and I kept fidgeting my hands.

I think that it was an effective speech the audience seemed to find it entertaining. However, I did not have any audience interaction which is something I should have done. My biggest strengths were despite my hand fidgeting I was able to maintain good posture. I for the most part kept eye contact the whole time. The class seemed to find it interesting and was laughing at parts which meant I was able to keep their attention.

My biggest weakness was apparent in the last thirty seconds of my blog. I really do not like to talk in front of people and in the last thirty seconds I started to loose my composure. Also I actually said relevance when talking about relevance. Saying relevance was something I should not have done.

I think I could have made the speech a lot better had I prepared for it more adequately. I should have practiced a lot more than I did.

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